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Edited by on July 22 2010 at 2:36 PM

Raindrops On Roses And Ruben and Isabel Toledo

Toledo Towels.

Bright Stephen Burrows and warm woolen mittens…

Though white paper packages tied up with strings are not on my list, these are a few of my favorite people. Unless you are dead, you know that Target is opening its first store in New York City…East Harlem to be exact. Although it is still a bit of a schlepp for me, seeing that I am a devout downtown-ite, the great news is that the Target folks had the where-with-all to engage designers that would resonate in their new neighborhood. Most notably, Stephen Burrows and the illustrious Isabel and Ruben Toledo. When Target launches those limited edition designer bits with the likes of Zac Posen or Alexander McQueen, that stuff doesn’t really float my boat. At least now, I get to crow about Ruben and Isabel Toledo’s swimwear collection and Stephen Burrows’ signature hand print T-shirts. Why? Because I lerve them. I have known Stephen since the early days of Studio 54…I was a Burrow-ette. And as for the Toledos, well, name me one other couple in the fashion industry that is as admired, respected and talented as those two, besides maybe Inez van Lamsveerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Go ahead….name another couple on that level…you see…ungats? Sorry, but Katy Perry and Russell Brand do not cut it.

Raindrops On Roses And Ruben and Isabel Toledo

Stephen Burrows…work.

Most importantly, these groovy designers are donating a percentage of sales to their favorite charities. Isabel and Ruben Toledo have selected El Museo del Barrio, while Stephen Burrows is supporting The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem. So, check out some of the pieces that my peeps are doing…and buy, buy baby.

Raindrops On Roses And Ruben and Isabel Toledo

OK, I love the swimsuits…but can you make something for me, please?

LINK LOVE:Raindrops On Roses And Ruben and Isabel Toledo

Story by Abe Gurko,

I Mean…What?!? – Finding Truth and Humor in a World Obsessed With Fashion and Celebrity – is a daily reportage on what’s not quite right in the worlds of fashion, entertainment, politics, celebrities…well…pretty much every category on Earth.