RANDOM: Anti-Paparazzi Cluth Bag

RANDOM: Anti Paparazzi Cluth Bag  fashionRANDOM: Anti Paparazzi Cluth Bag  fashionI’m not famous enough for this awesome Anti-Paparazzi Clutch just yet, but once I replace Anna Wintour at Vogue and eventually take over the world, I’ll have to hit Adam Harvey up for this genius photog counter attack. Complete with a built-in LED flash, the device detects a camera flash and in turn, emits a brighter flash, ruining slow shutter speed and low light shots. While the wiring is small enough to fit inside a woman’s clutch, Harvey is working on making the device small enough to fit in a pendent or a tie clip. Should Harvey patent this Anti-Paparazzi device, Just Jared and Perez Hilton can kiss their celebrity empires goodbye!


Check out Adam Harvey Projects here! Thanks Like Cool!


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