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RANDOM COOL: 2-in-1 Glasses

RANDOM COOL: 2 in 1 Glasses

Maybe I’m just being stupid, but I’m having a really hard time deciding if these are cool or just amazingly stupid. These 2-in-1 glasses by Giulio Iacchetti have me wondering if we could be finding ourselfves in the midst of a new stupid glasses trend. I remeber the whole clip on sunglasses phase and how annoyingly inconvient that was, so atleast this solves that problem. Then there were transition lenses, but with those it seemed like no matter how dim the lighting they were never perfectly clear, so you were left sitting in the corner in the dark looking sort of like a blind person. It seems like these would solve those problems, but at the same time that awkward black plastic bar in the middle of the lenses is not doing it for me. I don’t know indies you tell me, is this the new trend? Or more hipster trash?

Thanks LikeCool

Written by Corey Moran

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