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Edited by on November 3 2009 at 1:47 PM

RANDOM: Super Minimal City Bike By jruiter + studio

At first glance I was really impressed by this bike, mostly because I don’t have one, and I think having a nice pretty, shinny one like this would be nifty. Then I click through to get a view of a dude riding one…And I saw this!

RANDOM: Super Minimal City Bike By jruiter + studio

That looks so uncomfortable! I’m assuming that guys like 5’10″ on the safe side. What the hell would it look like when a 6’1″ string bean like myself climbed on that thing? I’d look like a clown on one of those mini bikes, not to mention this dude is totally getting his junk crushed right now.


Story by Corey Moran

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