Reason Number One Million Why We Hate Andre Leon Talley


Page Six reported that Andre Leon Talley had another little hissy fit this Friday, after a man accidentally sprayed some champagne on him before the Stephen Burroughs show. According to the reporter the Great Wall of Talley immediately stood up screaming, “Look what you’ve done! I have to wear these clothes all day!” When the man attempted to show some remorse by toweling off the XXXL sized joke, he lashed out again saying, “Get your hands off me!” Oh please ALT lets not for one second pretend that you haven’t had a man spray all over your DD cup chest, then attempt to towel it off. There could have been way worse things that could have happened. All you had to do was sit next to Anna Wintour at the show, it would have been no surprise if that gnome smelled like an entire bottle of bubbly.