New Yorkers have their own way of braving what seems to be this never-ending Snowpocalypse that’s holding our fair city hostage. Harper’s Bazaar Editrix-in-Chief Glenda Bailey has a “beautiful and practical” Burberry coat. Isabel and Ruben Toledo trump her for practicality, however; they’ll be wrapping their shoes in plastic bags.

Refugee Chic with the Toledos

When FashionIndie ‘s lovely EIC, Samantha Lim asked Ruben Toledo what he’ll wear to trudge through the 39 feet of snow presently covering the streets and sidewalks, he responded:

“I’ll wear plastic bags over my regular boots. I love the refugee look. I’m a  political refugee from Cuba, so any moment to dress out of the ordinary I take with gusto! I’ll be all over plastic bags and rubber bands to keep everything on me. I’m big on that and Isabel is too. She’ll probably be wearing like three layers of tube socks and probably like four coats with a belt over it, she loves that kind of look.”

And since Ruben only wears Isabel Toledo, you can expect that those plastic bags will be branded. Mark my words, look for Michelle Obama wearing Isabel Toledo shoe-bags in the coming months.