Reports Coming In That McQueen Hung Himself

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I’m hearing reports that Alexander McQueen hung himself. Not sure if it’s true yet, but if this was the case then we must ask the question. Was this on purpose or accidental? Do we have another David Carradine case? Cause who really hangs themselves anymore. It’s so retro.

Article by Daniel Saynt

I'm not a fashion blogger. I'm a shitty journalist. Daniel Saynt tagged this post with: Read 4046 articles by Daniel Saynt
  • tony
    Really disgusting comment about it being retro. Really stupid.
  • Janie
    sorry, but was I the only one that found the "hanging yourself is retro" comment unnecessary and even offensive? I think a little respect for the recently deceased isn't too much to ask, that's all.
  • Jean
    Uh, Daul?
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