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BASH: The “Rumors” Are True, Willis Is Getting Down With Lowndes

BASH: The Rumors Are True, Willis Is Getting Down With Lowndes

In a final act of desperation to stay on the air, 90210 has announced that Rumor Willis and Jessica Lowndes will be gettin’ down on a regular basis. Apparently the show isn’t doing this for press, and they are going to develop this into a full on relationship. I’m calling this now…BULLSHIT! You are doing this for press and press only. You pick an actress with a shit career and big last name, get her to go down on a halfway decent looking actress once a season, and you might actually get some viewers. Rumor Willis though? Poor choice, you could have at least gotten someone good looking. Well, at least there are no doubt as to who’s the man in this relationship


Written by Corey Moran

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