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Rumors That I Hope Are Just Rumors

Rumors That I Hope Are Just Rumors fashion

I hope this is just a rumor, because I will become very mad and jealous if it isn’t. The buzz on the street is that a red iPhone is going to be introduced this week, and apparently a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping people who have AIDS. Now I know I’ll get hate mail for saying this, but what’s with AIDS and Breast Cancer getting all these cool colored products? I have ADD and I don’t get a cool colored iPhone to help me out! I don’t even get a color! Apparently these are the Fashionable diseases of our time. They are the new school polio! So here you have it, and I’m only going to say this once (for my own safety). AIDS out, Elephantitis in. Glow in the dark iPhones for everyone! (because glow in the dark is the international color for Elephantitis). Let the hate mail flow…

Thanks Buzzfeed for the image.


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