RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Julian Louie Fall 2009

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RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Julian Louie Fall 2009 fashion

Collection debuts are really make-it or break-it moments in the fashion world. While some collections fail to impress, sending designers back to the drawing board or the retirement center, others are innovative enough to survive in the vicious sea of sewing machines and scissors. With fall 2009 as his first seasonal collection, and his reinvention of felt fabric and riveting will undoubtedly make it far. Many new designers face structural issues, but Louie’s tailored jackets, linear high-waisted skirts and imperial collars are some of the most pristine of the season. Though I am apprehensive of Louie’s color choice, especially the bright teal and copper colors, the geometric structuring and edgy embellishments will certainly take Louie far. 


GALLERY: RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Julian Louie Fall 2009


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