RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2009 RTW

RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2009 RTW fashion

As usual, Karl Lagerfeld’s fall collection was fucking phenomenal. Every single coat and jacket was unique and made with a different, ultra-cool fall fabric. I’m not one for rocking pants under dresses but would make an exception for Lagerfeld’s skin-tight satin cigarette pants. Many of the dresses had collars fit for Judy Jetson’s finest night on the town. Hats, hats, hats- that’s all I have to say. Check them out, the glittered helmet will make you rethink everything you’ve ever placed on your noggin. The collection was chic, futuristic and really quite dark. Perfect news for me, but don’t tell my bank account what’s up.

GALLERY: Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2009 RTW


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