Runway Rundown: Missoni Pre-Fall 2010

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Runway Rundown: Missoni Pre Fall 2010

Runway Rundown: Missoni Pre Fall 2010

Kicking off the year with their pre-fall ’10 collection, Missoni had headed straight for the prints. The newest line features a wide range of dresses, shirts, skirts, jackets and more. The prints used come in a wide range of patterns, exploring numerous color palettes. Though the patterns tend to work together on the majority of the pieces, there are some where it may be a little to much. The relative shape of the creations and design detail is clearly very precisely thought out and intricately crafted. If you’re looking for a print that flows from head to toe, I’d head for Missioni pre-fall!

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Article by Marissa Moshell, Student

When I started this internship I was a quiet, innocent, polite girl. Now I find myself bashing poorly dressed celebrities and trannys thanks to the influence of Daniel Saynt. I am a huge Metro Station fan. My true inspiration for writing is my desire to gain equality for all lactose intolerant folks in the work place. My goal is to prove to the fashion world that we too are people and that we can change the world one Soy Milk mustache at a time! Marissa Moshell, Student tagged this post with: Read 953 articles by Marissa Moshell, Student
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  1. judith says:

    i really love how this collection is using the missoni print in various color and fabric combinations to create a layered textured look.

    most of the pieces are interchangeable, which means that with a little bit of creativity, you can use the same few pieces and create a plethora of permutations. even though the looks above are made with pieces of the same color palette, somebody who wanted to be bold could easily add another palette into the mix. and of course, these pieces work really well with any solid basics that people already own – which just adds to the amount of looks one can create.

    this type of versatility is really important in this economic climate, as you can really get more bang for your buck(though, if you can afford missoni, it probably doesn’t matter to you)so the collection is definitely in step with world matters.

  2. ryan says:

    it’s pre fall 2009 not 2010.

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