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Edited by on June 18 2009 at 10:09 AM

Sacha Baron Cohens Buttless Back Loves The Camera

Sacha Baron Cohens Buttless Back Loves The Camera

I almost fainted dead away into my Malt-O-Meal and Easy Mac when I saw these pics of Sacha Baron Cohen or should I say “Bruno” doin the googley eyed fool, snap in a circle three times somebody. My poor innocent virgin eyes have been violated and I didn’t even use my Pay Pal account to pay for it this time. I haven’t been this disgusted since Fergie made hot mustard colored piss on stage in her guachos, this is not fashion Indiez! I’m all for people promoting there wares but we’ve clearly crossed over into unsavory territory…………..unsavory and stank!

I know who’s to blame, it’s that Bobby Trendy’s fault what with his platformed foot apparatuses and random chiffon scraps, reprobate! Let’s pour out a little liquor for my homiez that will die when they take a look at these pale gamey clenched cakes. I hope Cohen catches a glittery rash of that swine ‘fever’ all up and down his taint for this foolishness and I hope it really, really buuuuurrrrnnnsss. I really don’t appreciate turning on my computer and gettin a face full of bedazzled man buns, this ain’t Chelsea!

Story by Zmaji Robinson