Picture 2If any of you know me, you may know that I have (had) relatively long blonde hair that did not suit me, at all.  I’ve never been afraid to change my hair, because it will grow back, and it is just hair.  Rebecca suggested after seeing Bryant G, that I try out a new salon in SoHo that she had just been to called Projet F.

I booked at Projet F through Lifebooker, which is a dream seeing as I am completely unorganized in terms of thinking ahead to get my haircut.  When I want to cut my hair, I want to cut my hair, and Lifebooker allowed me to book an appointment and attend it three hours later.  The salon has an really cool vibe, with very clean black and whites and a good stereo system, plus full length mirrors, and great capes so you don’t leave the salon with hair all over your shirt.  

Projet F has only been around for about seven months, but is building up their name as Lifebooker gives customers a deal at an amazing salon with the some of the best stylists around.  New Yorkers of all walks of life are beginning to notice how great this salon really is, just as I was sitting there, Jaslene Gonzalez from Americas Next Top Model season 8 came in to say hello to her stylist and grab a few bags she left in their earlier.  

Picture 35

After telling my stylist, , to just cut all of my hair off and showing him this photo of a basic idea, I went back to be shampooed. These weren’t your regular shampoo chairs, or your regular shampoo experience.  I laid down in the most comfortable chair ever, and a ten minute shampoo and head/neck massage.  Another Anthony that was shampooing me explained that they use this technique of massaging the head and neck (which feels amazing) to ensure that all of the nutrients get into your hair, and that not every salon does this. 

I then sat down to get my hair cut, and Anthony did an amazing job.  He listened to what I wanted, and also gave suggestions to how the photo I brought in could be workable for my face shape, and every day life.  He began chopping away and I felt completely comfortable as the inches fell to the floor.  He gave me a mirror to show see the progress, and I was overjoyed to see my new style emerge.  I got a quick blow dry and a splash of pomade and we all agreed, short hair suits me WAY better. I’ll definitely be going back to Projet F to refresh my cut, and would recommend any of their stylists for an awesome new look!

Check out their website, or you can even walk-in at 180 Lafayette St (Between Broome and Grand)

Here’s my before and after shots, what do you think?:

Photo 37

Photo 40

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