I just received a tip via funny girl Sarah from Coutorture that the Scarlett Johansson sneakers for Reebok are not any different than those released years prior.

Scandal: Scarlett Johansson Is NOT A Designer

Scandal: Scarlett Johansson Is NOT A Designer

Sarah’s TJ Maxx Shoes

From a blog post Sarah rote last year “I own these exact shoes, and they happen to be over four years old. I purchased them at a downtown TJ Maxx in NYC, with a drag queen’s assistance. I only paid $30. I was so shocked at Reebok’s lack of originality that I actually pulled out my very own shoes and compared the with the ones on the screen. Color for color, stripe for stripe. That’s right Scarlett, you’re “more than a cover story.” You’re also a copycat.”

I guess it is now a question of are celebs really designing this crap or are they just endorsing it?

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