Scoop Gets Pooped On

Scoop Gets Pooped On emerging fashion

Ever have one of those friends that will ditch you when they get invited to a better party? Well Scoop doesn’t have just one of those “friends,” they have four. It all started when the top selling designer Diane Von Furstenberg decided to open her own shop across from the Meatpacking District location in March of 2007. After Diane hit the ground running, Tory Burch became the best selling label at Scoop with her logo flats and cardigan sweaters. I guess it doesn’t matter how much business Scoop did for Miss. Burch because she, too, decided to pack up and open her own place across from the Washington and W. 12th street location. If that wasn’t bad enough, Vince and Paige Jeans are opening shop right around the corner from other New York Scoop stores. 

Granted, I’m not the biggest fan of Scoop, but I would hate to see a store that so many people love, go belly up because designers don’t want to sell there anymore. I get it, times are tough, but we’ve got to give one another a break every now and then. 


Thanks Fashionista!

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