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Sean Avery Loves High Fashion…Then Why Is He Modeling For The Gap?

08/15 at 12:34 pm by Corey Moran | 0 Comments

sean-avery-gap-advert Sean Avery Loves High Fashion...Then Why Is He Modeling For The Gap?


The Gap recently released the new ads for the upcoming season and joining a list that already consists of Ryan McGinley, Georgina Chapman and Scott Schuman, is none other than Vogue love slave Sean Avery, the most over-glorified intern fashion has ever seen.

Apparently, the professional athlete’s salary wasn’t enough and neither was the mass amount of man dick he was offered on a daily basis in the locker rooms of the Rangers. The craving for dick was so large that it caused Avery to go out and give a few BJ’s to get into the fashion world interning for Vogue.

Why is this dude trying so hard to get onto the shit list of every industry?

Not only do all hockey fans hate him for sucking, but now everyone in the fashion world hates him. Hopefully, he gets hit so hard his brain gets jarred around in his skull a bit, and he comes to the realization that he should pull his head out of Anna Wintour’s antique cooch and stick to sports. Good luck with your fashion career now that you’ll be ramming the ass of America middle with your new team the Dallas Stars.

The Stars suck, you suck and the Buffalo Sabres are going to win the cup this year!

Thanks Brandish for this gem.

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