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Edited by on November 15 2010 at 11:44 AM

Every year, we eagerly await the Six Scents perfume collection, and this series is no exception. That said, perhaps Rad Hourani and his fragrance team got a bit too hot ‘n’ bothered over the excitement.

Sex Sells, Sex SmellsThis year, Six Scents is paying tribute to precious childhood or adolescent memoriesMary Katrantzou‘s, for instance, recalls burnt matches and the summer breeze. For Hourani, that memory is sex. Which translates to the smell of…well…y’know…sperm.

I wanted something transformable, representing life from birth to death. The top note is baby powder mixed with the smell of sperm, but a sperm that is not necessarily vulgar or filthy. It’s more a smell you can’t put your finger on…Christopher [the perfumer] went as close to the sperm smell as possible and made it really elegant and beautiful.

Essentially, Hourani’s fragrance is the circle of life; the top note is the sensual, seedy scent of sperm–which actually kinda works. The softer second note, baby powder, represents infancy and leads into leather, evoking middle age. The final note of thick, heady incense has the funereal whiff of death. And with that, a spritz of perfume.

Sex Sells, Sex Smells

If you manage to get the very literal image of how one might collect sperm in perfume out of your head, Hourani’s scent is a gratifying, quite wearable, fittingly minimal statement.

Or you can check out the other, sperm-free perfumes.

Story by Hilary Beck

I got lost on my way to 1980 and came back with an all-black wardrobe, pointy boots, and a penchant for new-wave dudes who look like drug addicts. I also like cats and Kylie Minogue.