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Edited by on December 20 2010 at 12:55 PM

An Abu Dhabi hotel spent $11 million on its Christmas tree.

Adorned with rubies, rare jewels and gold, the hotel admitted it probably went overboard in “attempts to overload” the tree. A 43-foot faux fir with semi-precious stones – talk about a tricked-out tree.

Sheikh Chic: Abu Dhabis $11 Million Xmas Tree

When you spend $11 million on a tree, it raises a couple questions.

Is this “tree gluttony” a sincere Santa-season celebration, or is it pure show-off? What kind of security team guards a tree decked with boughs of gemstones? What about the children?!

After the tree was unveiled last week, a chorus of “What were they thinking?” went up, prompting the hotel to check its motives. Like a naughty child sitting on Santa’s lap, the hotel said they had some regrets for spending so much.

I love Abu Dhabi Christmas cheer.

[Link Love: Guardian]

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