Shop Indie: Alphabet Ears! Shop Indie: Alphabet Ears! Shop Indie: Alphabet Ears!

Who knew such a simple concept could break so much fashion ground in Williamsburg? These tiny e.e. Cummings-esque alphabet studs may be as easy as ABC (no pun intended), but they are actually pretty cute! Each stud is sold individually in either 14K gold ($40 each) or silver ($28 each) and they even have a tiny heart stud! Forget friendship rings or “best-friend” necklaces, get your buddy best-friend initial earrings from Catbird! Or, if you’re in the mood for a few extra piercings, put a whole bunch oh holes in your ear and spell out ” I <3 Fashion Indie”…I’m pretty sure we can pardon our squirrelly friend Kimmy Nibbler and make you the new mascot of Fashion Indie! So, how about it?



For your ABC ears, check out Catbird!

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