SHOP Love Brigade | ‘One Glove’ Tribute Tee, $28

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New York, NY, July 7, 2009: Love Brigade, the culturally aware and musically charged company, has just released the ‘One Glove’ tribute tee to celebrate Michael Jackson’s life and musical contributions. It avails as a positive exhibition for his legendary imprint he has on the world, represented through fashion. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the KEYS program, which is an organization dedicated toward improving the quality of life of kids with cancer, serious illnesses, disabilities and injuries through the power of music. This iconic tee is currently available for pre-order from the Love Brigade online store and will be available soon in their boutique in Brooklyn and on Wholesale orders are available to approved stores. The men’s ‘One Glove’ tribute tee will be ready to ship by July 8th, 2009 and the women’s version will be available soon exclusively at”

This is the best tribute tee I’ve seen so far, Pre order yours on their site!

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