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Edited by on December 22 2008 at 12:00 PM

Show Stoppin

Show Stoppin

As if the vibrant Christmas scene in Copenhagen, Denmark wasn’t enough, Henrik Vibskov and his astounding fashion shows are yet another reason why I want to hop a plane and make a transatlantic journey! Now, I’ll admit that most of Vibskov’s eccentric designs don’t appeal to my taste, but the way this man puts on a show is right up my alley! I stumbled upon these videos while lurking on Youtube, loving every second of the jazzy music, amazing runway setups and the sheer excitement both on the runway and in the audience. I couldn’t help but laugh at the minty green cilia or the boob-like objects creating obstacles for the models, but oh so coherent with Vibskov’s season designs. I was even thrilled to see Vibskov’s involvement in the shows (apparently he is an accomplished percussionist is playing drums in both shows!) At least this dude is proud of his work and doesn’t try to act all humble and shy (*cough* Cynthia Rowley…don’t think I didn’t see you poke your head out and then hide backstage!)

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Story by Kirby Marzec

Dior, Not War.