Sinners & Saynt: The Gates, The Se7en, and The Fashion Picnic

Sinners & Saynt: The Gates, The Se7en, and The Fashion Picnic fashion

I’ve been MIA lately, trying to make moves, and get Fashion Indie the status it truly deserves. Between meetings at ZINK Magazine, Mann Publications and with investors it’s been a serious amount of hustle (hustle, hustle real hard). Things seem to be shaping out and it looks that we will have a couple major partnerships to announce in May, including one which will supply our rag tag bunch of bloggers with a fairly large office space!!! We’ve been desperate for one for the past three months since leaving our Brooklyn spot, moving to the Bronx and opening up a smaller, easier to manage hub in NoHo.

Yesterday, I walked through this new night spot in Manhattan, The Gates. The space looks like the Biltmore Hotel cause it basically is the Biltmore Hotel. Some collector dude bought all the fixtures inside the Bilmore when it was purchased by Trump back in the day. He took the original marble, fixtures and beautiful wrought iron gates and used them to create a hyper-exclusive club (makes sense). Anyways, I’m in love with the space and am currently talking with the owners and the lovelies at Think PR about booking the spot for a monthly party, an event we’ve been developing for some time called The Se7en, which is being dubbed the after party, that happens monthly. We’re thinking dancers, designers, models, stylist, photographers, and lots and lots of action from 7PM – 10PM. It’s our first real attempt at a monthly party since Secret Runway and we’re pretty flipping excited about it. 

If you haven’t signed on to join The Se7en, do so now. Only people on the list will be invited in and we’re only leaving the door open for a limited time, so be there early. There will be $7 cocktails, 7 minute open bars, and a little room we like to call se7en minutes in heaven (though you’re gonna have some trouble finding it). We’re inviting a select list of influencers, party folk, and celebrities to make the first event truly killer, though we have a strict no step-and-repeat policy, we’re not trying to get in with McMullen like other desperates. 

On to more immediate pleasures, tomorrow it’s gonna be 85 degrees in the city and we’ve decided to have a little fashion picnic in Central Park. A bunch of our writers and friendlies will be on hand as we parade into the park to drink, eat and be merry. We’ll be at the Plaza Hotel at 1PM so if you’re looking for a bunch of fashion types to attach to, be there and join us. 

That’s all for now, I’ll let you know about other things as they develop.

Hugs and Disses,

Daniel Saynt


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