Ok ok, so it’s not actually a sequel of the Whoopi Goldberg hit, it’s better.  In honor of April being FashionIndie’s eco-conscious and healthy lifestyle month, our very own editor Alex has decided to document his journey of giving up smoking.  Hopefully the combination of personal online-exploitation, scrutiny of his fashion sensibilities, and The Patch will get the habit kicked!  Here’s a check-in on Day One:


Sister Act 3: Kickin The Habit (Alexs Journey To Quit Smoking)

So, how do you feel?

Amazing. This patch feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly in the arm, and I also have the acute sensation that a jumper cable has been attached to my cerebral cortex and is repeatedly firing wave upon wave of energy into my brain.

Have you been getting a lot of cravings?  What has been helping?

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been great having the support of my friends and coworkers. I’m appreciative that I can vocalize my discomfort, then let it go. I still wanna smoke, I’m just not gonna…

What outfit did you decide to wear on Day One?

The shirt is Balenciaga. The jacket I picked up in Paris years ago, but it’s seen the inside of so many tailors–from Paris to NY–that it’s practically couture by now. (It’s very soft cashmere; I wanted something soft incase I needed to chew my arm off!) The jeans are APC, the and shoes are Nike. Kind of wishing I’d worn sweats, truth be told.

Have you noticed any behavioral changes today?

I’m usually a very calm person, but today I’m a little on edge. And by a little, I mean kill yourself.

What would you do for a cigarette right now?

Aside from gnawing my arm off and beating half my coworkers? Hmmm….

Sister Act 3: Kickin The Habit (Alexs Journey To Quit Smoking)


We’re so proud of him and cannot wait to cheer him on while he goes through this journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Check back with us for updates throughout the month!

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