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Edited by on August 13 2012 at 9:45 AM

Last night I weighed 185 pounds and had blonde hair.  In my dreams nightmares.  Needless to say, my state of being was not in the I’m-a-pregnant-billionaire-Jessica-Simpson kind of way, so I woke up in quite the panic.  Immediately digging up a Dream Dictionary (doesn’t everyone have one?) and flipping through several definitions of what my subconscious was trying to tell me, I found all these other insights as to what your body parts could be telling you about your outer life.  Whether you dream about your boobs, your nails, or your hair, here are a few thoughts on what your body & mind may be trying to tell you. 

Sleeping Beauty: What Your Body Related Dreams Mean

If your dream is about your hair:

The meaning changes depending on what’s going on with your hair.  Knotted hair means your have a sense of uncertainty in your life.  Losing your hair means you may be anxious about aging.  And if you dream that you have a totally different hairstyle than you actually do, it means that you are yearning for a change in part of your life.  All the hair stuff seems to be pretty related to change, so maybe it is time to take a step back and take a look at the path you are on.

If your dream is about your fingernails:

If you break a nail, it suggests that you are avoiding a situation.  If you are biting your nails, it means there is something difficult going on in your life, and if your nails oddly grow at a freakishly fast pace (weird), it means that you are on the defensive and losing sense of the big picture.  Since you could easily be avoiding a difficult situation you are defensive of, watch out for the triple threat of biting and breaking your crazy long ass nails.

If your dream is about your breasts: 

These dreams usually mean you are seeking nourishment or the need to be taken care of.  You may be feeling anxious or out of control about something in your life, and need to face it with a supporting circle or friends or family.  Basically, still nothing positive happening. Side note: wondering why boys get to have all the fun with the booby dreams, will consult a psychic and return.

If your dream is about your teeth:

If you have a dream where your teeth are loose or falling out, it means you have anxiety about how others perceive you.  This is the most common of body image dreams, which means we’re all in the same boat about caring what others think of us.

If your dream is about your weight: 

If you dream that you are rapidly losing weight (woohoo!) that means you are no longer being weighed down by a responsibility or burden.  If you are gaining weight (boooo) then it means the opposite, that you might be feeling increasingly pressured in your life.  If you wake up still dreaming about a tummy tuck or liposuction, be sure to check your body out in the mirror when you’re awake just to make sure.

If your dream is about a mole:

Dreaming about a mole means you are fearing an illness or death.  Or that you just have a case of pathophobia.

For the most part, it looks like dreaming of issues with your body seem to mean that it is a time of pressure, stress, or some other sort of insecurity in life.  Time to take a step back, breathe in those metaphorical roses, and straighten everything out, one step at a time.


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Story by Samantha Lim

Editor in chic, satiating your fashion appetite. Have a comment? Tweet me @iamsamlim