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by on May 15, 2012

While most women would do anything for a teeny, tiny waist, how far is too far?  Ethel Granger, the woman with the smallest waist in history, shrunk hers down to a mere 13 inches!  In an effort to appease her husband’s beauty preferences she wore corsets 24 hours a day.  Find out more on this crazy couple and check out the gallery after the jump.     

Ethel used to have a normal waist line until she met her husband, William.  Obsessed with wasp-waisted women, William convinced Ethel to start wearing corsets.  She was fine with her slim 24″ waist, but William kept convincing her to keep going.  What started with just wearing a corset during the day, ended up into wearing one every hour of every day.  Her waist is now is a tiny 13″.  Her husband called it “fashionable” but Vogue Italia, who used Ethel as a past cover model, just thinks it’s sexually perverse.  What do you guys think, chic or scary?


Ethel Granger in Vogue Italia

Contributed by Zosia Baroody

A fashion prodigy in training, you won’t see me without my beads. I enjoy headwraps, glitter and long walks on the beach. Tweet me @ZosiaBaroody