So Glad I’m Not Diddy’s Kid…

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So Glad Im Not Diddys Kid... fashionI don’t care how much money these girls will one day inherit, the Combs twins have my total and absolute sympathy. As if their names D’Lila Star and Jesse James (no, I’m not kidding) weren’t bad enough, how about this awful photo, worse than any toddler toilet or naked butt picture, that appeared in October’s L’Uomo Vogue. So, what exactly is wrong with this photo…a lot:

-Two babies. Naked. In a magazine. With their father. Better not show that one to perspective boyfriends…

-Diddy has got his girls decked out in Chip n’ Dales bow ties. What’s next, hooker heels?

-Looks like one of the babies is coping a feel on her sister. I don’t care if you live in Alabama or LA, incest is NOT OKAY.

-The poor baby on the right obviously had her belly photoshopped. Save that for when you’ve got love handles! 

Looks like this one will end up in the “photos to burn” pile. 

Thanks Concrete Loop!

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