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Edited by on October 1 2008 at 12:55 PM


Who's to blame? Bottle Service or Low Self Esteem

Who's to blame? Bottle Service or Low Self Esteem


File this under stupid shit that people attempt when they don’t want to accept responsibility for their (or their friends) addiction.

This NYC nightlife entrepreneur and owner John JE Englebert is asking nightclubs across the city to end bottle service cause he feels it contributes to a high abuse of alcohol in the city that never sleeps. This comes after the DWI arrest of his former friend Heather Locklear

So basically, it’s not your fault you’re some drunk doucher or douchette, it’s the clubs fault. Dude, people need to take responsibility for themselves. Bottle service doesn’t kill people, people who aren’t smart enough to know when to stop kill people. 

“Sometimes bottle service can equal the rent of a small studio apartment in New York City. Most clubs even make customers buy a 3 to 4 bottle minimum to get in or to be sat at a table.” says JE. “A $1500 price tag for a table is nuts.” according to JE, “Why not have a few drinks at the bar and dance the night away?”

“If the customer doesn’t make it home because of driving while intoxicated then the establishment usually is partially responsible, due to liability law in New York State.”

While this is all true, it is still up to the person to not make the decision to NOT buy a bottle and skip out of the club. This whole “I need to be told what to do cause I’m a lightweight” idea is quite possibly the stupidest shit I’ve heard in a while, as if this is the problem that’s plaguing NYC, drunk party goers.

Listen indies, this city’s been castrated enough with noise violation policies, increased police activity, crackdowns on drugs (and not just the bad ones ;-) , and better technology to prevent underage drinking. Basically, it’s become a complete bore to party if you’re not completely trashed and stumbling down the street to the nearest taxi. Taking out bottle service won’t solve shit, it would just make heading to a club a hell of a lot cheaper and accessible, which isn’t necessarily a good thing cause the only people buying bottles are the ugly ass Wall Street types who NEED to buy their way into Tenjune.

And if you agree with the whole “clubbers shouldn’t be required to buy a bottle to get into a club” mentality, it’s probably cause your ass is ugly or poorly dressed or your as stupid as a brick, as those rules only apply to the lowest of the low on the doucher totem pole. 

Quit your bitchin people and help us keep the least wanted ass wipes out of NYC clubs by charging them $1500 in liquor to get in.

Story by Saynt

Fashion Indie's Big Poppa.