Someone Asks Cory Kennedy Questions. Cory Decides to Answer.

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Someone Asks Cory Kennedy Questions. Cory Decides to Answer. emerging fashion

You’ve got to love Cory Kennedy’s recent ad for Sebastian Professional’s newest whipped cream mousse. While flipping through ELLE, I spotted the “Internet It-Girl”.  I then immediately went online to find the photos and stumbled upon this amazingly vapid interview. Enjoy….

She’s been called a cult blogger. A style stand-out. Her uncompromising voice on everything from footware to haircare is taking the fashion world by storm.

You’re a fashion icon. How do you create a fearless look?

By wearing what makes me feel most comfortable and genuine…and that makes me feel confident.

What exactly does it mean to be the “Internet it-girl?”

I’m not quite sure about that expression—’internet it-girl’. There are lots of opinions and ideas of what that could mean. To me it’s someone who is popular through use of the internet, and who expresses themselves in a way where people pay attention.

Let’s talk hair. What’s your routine?

I don’t have a routine with my hair…it’s really just based on how ever I’m personally feeling, and depending on my moods is how I decide to style my hair. But usually I just want it to look its natural way.

What do you think about Sebastian’s new look?

I love Sebastian’s new look. It’s so fun and fresh but with an exciting feel. I think its modernity and unique way really connects to today’s culture.

Let’s hear more about your personal style. How would you describe it?

My personal style is something I’m always changing because I’m constantly changing—being influenced and inspired by traveling, music, history, people and art. It’s always pretty carefree and I’m always experimenting with new looks and trying new things. I’d rather set the trends than follow them.

Tell us about your most fearless experience.

My most fearless experience? I feel like just living in the crazy world through the ups and downs, good times and bad times and walking with your chin up is quite fearless.

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