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by on September 6, 2012

For their first show, DL1961 has come out with a bang, literally.  We all love their colorful, well-fitted denim in both cigarette and flare styles. But when is too much, well, too much?  

The runway show began with a dance number featuring the signature fit in both white and black paired with shiny American Apparel-esqe leotards. A five minute dance number is a little much considering the late start time AND clothing hunger, amongst other hunger pains roaring through the well-dressed crowd. The show peaked with the first 20 or so looks of bright denim (pinks, corals and white for women, darker hues, baby blue and a banana yellow for men) paired with fun button downs, our favorite being a cream, sheer linen long sleeve with a blue collar and stripe down the middle. Things went steadily downhill from there with another 20 looks (42 in all, too many) that all included sparkles, sparkle fades and a certain table cloth pattern we had nightmares about. Less bang for our beautifully manicured buck would be appreciated next season, DL.


Contributed by Gabrielle Richmond

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