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by on August 21, 2012

Increasingly, technology is advancing so fast that the world of E-Commerce cannot keep up. Luckily online retailer SSENSE is one of the first online retailers to embrace the high density (HD) pixel images that result in a sharper picture that appears on your computer or iPad screen. 

SSENSE is the First Retail Site to Offer Its Images for HD Display

HD images can store up to 3oo pixels per inch, images so sharp they rival the capability of the human eye. This type of HD screen is becoming the norm on all state of the art technological devices like the iPhone 4s, the new iPad, and Apple’s retina display that comes with the newest MacBook Pro.

SSENSE is the first online retailer to display their products with this HD capability and it enhances their user experience by displaying shaper and more detailed product images.

SSENSE CEO Rami Attalah states that, “Craftsmanship, product detail and fabric quality are key characteristics of the products we sell, and the clarity of the images on such devices allows us to showcase this better than ever before.”.

The Canadian retailer has been on the forefront of E-Commerce since the release of the world’s first shoppable music video starring Iggy Azalea and Diplo. With their use of HD product images, their technological advances are putting them far above the competition and these early adapters will be the first in a long line of copycats for years to come.


Contributed by Emily Draznik

Chicago transplant and aspiring gay icon. I hold the belief that puns are the highest form of humor and love writing about fashion and everything in between.