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Edited by on May 18 2010 at 12:22 PM

STATUS Q: Party Like Its 2010, Part 1

Last week was so crazy I can’t believe I’m not still hungover. First, one of my homegirls and I went to see Iggy Pop and The Virgins perform at the Ray Ban party, very appropriately held in Williamsburg. One of our models, Jacob, got this great close up of Iggs. Keep reading…

STATUS Q: Party Like Its 2010, Part 1

Unfortunately my photography skills were not as good. Case in point, exhibit B.

STATUS Q: Party Like Its 2010, Part 1

Nonetheless the show was pretty bad ass, (duh), although I was puzzled as to why the lead singer of The Virgins was dressed like a mime. Kind of hard to take him seriously singing about chicks when he’s dressed like the French version of a clown.

STATUS Q: Party Like Its 2010, Part 1

Of course the requisite celebs/chronic partiers showed up, Kate Bosworth, Waris, Chloe Sevigny, Kelly Osbourne, Juliette Lewis, Jessica Stam, Charlotte Ronson, and my bff famed rock photog Mick Rock (photo of me and Mick).

What’s interesting is that this season Ray Ban is using not models but musicians for its latest campaign. And not just any musicians, but specifically indie rockers such as like The Plastiscines, Free Energy, and We Are Scientists. If the previews they had displayed are any indication of what’s to come, Ray Ban has totally just upped it’s cool factor.

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Story by Rachel Khona, Q Model Booker

Rachel likes sliding down rainbows, chasing imaginary animals, and Axl Rose. Check it