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by on July 2, 2009

STORY OF: Gloves

Gloves are not just made to keep your hands warm during the winter months, they have been worn by women as fashion items since the 13th century. Gloves became a symbol of status depending on the amount of embellishment, and the trends that catch on are often catapulted to the mainstream by a music of film fashion icon.

STORY OF: Gloves

The above gloves, from the 1600′s, showcase linen embroidery that was typical of the time. The knitted gloves to the right held less social standing then the embroidered ones on the left.

STORY OF: Gloves

Most flapper costumes come complete with satin opera gloves, a confusing addition because flappers are most often seen with bare arms or light crocheted gloves which were popular during the 1920′s.

STORY OF: GlovesDuring the 1940′s, after the war was over, glamorous opera gloves came back into style. Opera gloves remain popular in editorials today.

STORY OF: Gloves


During the early 60′s opera gloves were still popular due to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Audrey Hepburn’s influence as a fashion icon. 60′s secretaries wore short white gloves along with their sweater sets, girdles and high heels (think Mad Men chic).


STORY OF: Gloves

The punk movement in the late 70′s sparked the trend of fingerless studded gloves worn by both men and women as strictly a fashion item, regardless of the season. Rainbow style gloves were also popular, commenting on the trends of the time.


STORY OF: Gloves

In the 80′s lace gloves were popularized by Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. Fingerless gloves were also popular during this time. Thankfully the combination of these trends is mostly left to halloween costumes and 80′s theme parties.

STORY OF: GlovesGloves in the new millennium have taken on many diverse styles. These Gucci gloves (left) from Fall 07 represent the constant use to embellished leather since the 70′s. Fingerless gloves have once again become popular, a trend we can attribute to the phenomenon of texting. Patricia Field’s gloves (right) are an example of how gloves have taken on a life of their own besides just keeping the wearer warm.

What do you think will be the next trend in gloves?


Contributed by Monique Montagnese, Contributor

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