Marc JacobsWhen preparing to become a fashion person, a normal person will spend about 70% of their education obsessing about one designer, Marc Jacobs. A name synonymous with Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, and Jesus, Marc Jabobs is worshiped by fashion people for his collections heralding of the new design frontier and for being the only American accepted by the French (Jacobs runs design at Parisian fashion house, Louis Vuitton, which makes handbags and other over-priced unnecessities.) His shows are frequented by a who’s who of celebrities and hanger-ons (yes, we’re talking about you Courtney Love), who will wait for hours upon hours for show to begin.

If you ever plan to become a fashion person, you must know Marc Jacobs. Granted most of his work is a bit overrated and, true, if you compared him to other big designers, his overall influence to the world of fashion is neligable (unless you consider making “grunge” expensive an accomplishment), but never, ever, under any circumstances say this to a fashion person. Such remarks are considered heresy and could result in a public flogging or worse, expulsion to the standing room section of a New York fashion show.

The best way to reference Jacobs is as gospel. Statements like “Marc F:07 reminded us of the importance of accessories. Praise Marc.” or “Marc S:05 gave new meaning to the mini. Praise Marc.” are acceptable ways to reference the designer while still maintaining your respect for his divinity.

Fashion people love to feel some connection to the designer, at times feeling like their prayers have been answered when a certain piece comes down his runway.  You will often see fashion people jumping around and speaking in tongues (preferably French) during his shows, as if the spirit of Jacobs has magically entered them.  Do not be afraid when this happens, just join them and hopefully the spirit will enter you as well.

It is always smart to assume a fashion person is wearing Marc Jacobs. When you approach one ask them if the skirt/jeans/strap-on they have on is from the designer. They will most likely say yes, even if the piece is actually from H&M or a Forever 21 knock-off.

Other things to keep in mind is Jacobs persistently over-the-top parties. Getting invited to such an event is cause for celebration, as you will most likely see the designer in some ridiculous get-up, a humble reminder to his followers that he is in fact human and has a wonderful sense-of-humor.  Previous costumes have included dressing like a pigeon, a camel toe, and more recently a twink.

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