Stuff Fashion People Like (SFPL) #1 Gay Black Runway Coaches


Stuff Fashion People Like (SFPL) #1 Gay Black Runway Coaches stuff fashion people likeWhen asked to name their favorite runway coach fashion people will always take note of and praise one person, Miss. J. And while the initial inclination is to assume that they are speaking of some statuesque former female model who’s perfection in the art of walking has been so trained to warrant a one letter name, in fact they are speaking of the Bronx born, cross-dressing African American divo from the hit show America’s Next Top Model, J. Alexander.

His grasp on the fashion world is impressive and his appearances are many so when dealing with a group of fashion people it’s always smart to mention a few places where you may have seen him, or better yet, were seen with him. The very tall Miss. J is usually spotted at charity events and runway shows. He’s a fixture at parties for Designers for Darfur and can usually be seen at shows for New York designers like Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen. No fashion person in their right mind would ever think you were invited to either of the designers show so consider charity as your best alternative. It will not only make you seem “cool” for working on a cause with Miss J, it will also show that you care about something, a quality that most fashion people like to think they possess.

Of course if all else fails you can always steer the conversation to a recent episode of Top Model and comment on how ridiculous Miss J’s hair/outfit/shoes/face looked.The love for runway coaches of a certain sex and color does not end with Miss J. There is a long list of gay black runway coaches who have helped thousands of models (and model wannabes) walk confidently down the catwalk. Be aware of this fact if you are ever invited to a fashion show.

Don’t be surprised when one of these diligent walkers of the fashion world push you aside to show a slouching model the proper step, step, t-stop, pose and turn routine she needs to show how “fierce” she is on the runway. Remember “fierce” is a fashionistas favorite word for describing a models walk. You must always praise the girls who look like their ready to pounce on any living thing at the end of the catwalk. Of course this may only be for reality show “models” since industry girls are rarely described as “fierce”. Starved, emaciated and pale are more common adjectives.

Stuff Fashion People Like (SFPL) #1 Gay Black Runway Coaches stuff fashion people like

Cee Cee : The Miss J killer from the UK

You can always 1-up fashion people on your knowledge of black gay model walkers by mentioning ones they may not be aware off. Additional notable runway walkers include Cee Cee, a young and up-coming runway coach from the UK, and Douglas Sez, a designer/make-up artist/runway coach who’s made a name for himself by handling events for Wilhelmina models.

Stuff Fashion People Like (SFPL) #1 Gay Black Runway Coaches stuff fashion people like

This tip just came in courtesy of France, apparently they also have a black gay runway coach, Vincent McDoom, who is also part of the French version of Top Model. How many of these guys are there?

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