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Edited by on January 8 2009 at 1:00 PM

Style Icon: Elvis Presley
The much-parodied style of Elvis Presley deserves way more credit.

Elvis, who would have celebrated his 74th birthday today, was more than blue suede shoes, capes, and jumpsuits.  

Like his music, Elvis’ fashion sense fused a variety of influences.  A true performer, Elvis’ style evolved over the course of his career, drawing inspiration from both his roots and personal tastes, and the styles of the time.  

Early on, Elvis sported the greasy black hair of a white Southern trucker (complete with sideburns) and the latest styles from black clothing stores.  By the 1960s, Elvis had been dying his hair black for several years and started a sort of hair-sculpting regimen. 

Before the theatrics of the ’70s, his style created a tight tension between good Southern boy and rock-and-roll bad boy.  Usually conservative looking –until he started moving– he often wore sharp suits, pegged pants, high collars, and the occasional pair of blue jeans.

Then over time he moved on to his Army fatigues, black leather, Aloha Eagle jumpsuit with cape, and flamboyant western outfits.

Well, we all make mistakes.  Whether a hit or miss, Elvis’ fashion will always be remembered for its individuality and influence on others.

Thanks, Elvis Fashion.

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Story by Andy Wass

Cheers: Mary-Kate, Karl Lagerfeld, grunge, gypsies, birds ----- Jeers: Ronsons, neon, ombre, gold, pants