Jack Mackenroth has Synnamon Buns. NSFW

If you call being a reality show also-ran a career. Jack Mackenroth, of PJ Runway “fame,” shows off his rather impressive assets for New York photog, Thomas Synnamon. And I don’t know about you, but nothing says “art” like a naked man straddling a chair.

There’s also a little backdoor action, but rest assured, it’s still classy. There’s a demure, long sleeve black top above those buns of steel. More NSFW images after the jump.

Jack Mackenroth has Synnamon Buns. NSFW

But you know things are going downhill when you return to what you were doing before your precarious fame set in. That is, taking “tasteful” “modeling” photos.

Just ask Nick Gruber.

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