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FASHIONVILLE | November 10

Guys, This Is How To Wear Sporty Clothes Without Looking Like a Douche

Gym clothes, when worn in winter in non-work out situations can often look more GTL than you intend. Sebastian Troncoso captured Liuk Bass for TenMag in looks that alleviate the asshole issue. These looks pull together sports on the outside with a sense of refinement in the mixture. Adidas with Louis Vuitton. Fine leather bags with slimmed-down poof vests. There’s a fine line, but if you can balance it right boys, you can get away with wearing your comfiest clothes to chicer places.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 16

Adidas Celebrates 10 Years in SoHo with A$AP Rocky

Thursday night, Lester, Sam and I closed New York Fashion Week in the best of ways by celebrating 10 years in SoHo with Adidas Originals, hosted by our favorite cool kids at VICE Magazine. The soiree boasted lots of free booze and a stellar in-store performance by A$AP Rocky, during which I died and went to heaven. See all of the exclusive photos after the jump.

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5 Designers Make 2012 “Most Fashionable Olympic Games Ever” says Armani

While the world waits to watch in wonder as the finest athletes shatter world records and take home the gold, we may be most excited about what they’re wearing on the podium. This Olympics, more than ever, countries have tapped their greatest designers to shape up the uniforms. From Prada to Stella McCartney to Bob Marley‘s daughter, see which designers have taken up their patriotic duties. 

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