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10 Silent Summer Sandals

Who names a “shoe” after the sound they make? Truthfully, the sound of flip-flops is our equivalent of a high-pitched frequency for dogs. However, don’t fret — your feet don’t have to blister in closed toed combats all summer long. Here are some chic flat sandals that are blissfully silent.

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One-Bag Weekend: The Memorial Day Essentials

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which means it’s time to start packing for your weekend getaway. If you’re a packing procrastinator like myself and wait until the morning of departure to prepare a bag, there is a way to make things a little easier on yourself. Ready? Go grab a pen and paper and find 10 minutes to spare. In this handy how-to guide, you will see how easy it is to pack for your entire weekend, using only one weekender bag. Click through the gallery, think of a piece in your closet that matches each of these essentials and write it on the list. Come crunch time, you will be packed and ready to go in 10 minutes! Whether you’re going to the beach, lake or mountains, don’t overpack this year; check out our pointers after the jump instead.

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Christopher Kane! How Could You Let These Shoes Happen??

This is severely disappointing. Upon horrified sight of this on, reactions heard ’round  the FashionIndie office ranged, “Are those Crocs?” “Oh. God. No!” “Chistopher Kane?!” “Did he collab with Aerosoles or something?” I personally got surges of orthopedic, walker-bound, going to play bridge at the senior home, fused with those sandals you wore to the water park as a child, mixed with 90s dyed-to-match Bat Mitzvah shoes. C’mon, Chris, you can do better than that. Now just guess how much they go for. 

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