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ODDITIES / July 12 2012 2:21 PM

The World Of Crystal Powers

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Whether you’re aware or not, every crystal has a healing property. For example, that diamond ring you few lucky ducks are donning brings love and clarity into a partnership, attracts abundance and even treats glaucoma. Every crystal has its own special powers. Whether it be love-related or chakra opening, here are some of the biggies.

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FASHION, GIRLS, NYC / March 17 2011 8:57 AM

Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 4

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In a Début, where each brand is in its early stages of formation, is it possible for storeowner Lisa Weiss to have a designer wish list? “We always have a long list but in order to stay true to the concept and keep our installation as is ends up limiting us. The rotation helps by freeing up space and offering more space for new designers to gain exposure.” When they first opened, they had to scour the world for the best fresh collections; now new designers flock to Début. In such a transient place, one might begin to yearn for a place where we can follow these selected designers beyond the first few seasons. Enter e-commerce. Weiss is looking to launch a web store to bring back some of the alumni designers. I’ll sit tight for that grand Début.

Want the looks now? Shop in store @DebutNYC and mention FashionIndie – get 10%off!

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Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 1

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Tucked away on the north end of Mulberry Street, just above Houston, lives a petite boutique lined with the freshest names in design. Début is sparsely arranged to feel like a gallery, built to give each designer a proper artist’s display. Storeowner Lisa Weiss frequently hears from new customers, I’ve passed by it so many times and just never came in! I wasn’t entirely sure it was a store. Let her hear that no more. This incredible little-known and selectively merchandised store sparked my desire to explore the best boutiques in New York, and take you shopping with me. Piece by piece. Designer by designer. Through five original looks. One look each day. Every week. From now on. This is the Début of Boutique Critique.

Like what you see? Shop at Début and mention FashionIndie to get 10% off!

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