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LINKLOVIN | September 26

Good Morning, Here’s Your Daily Dose of Lana Del Rey Staring into a Camera Lens

Indie pop-singer Lana Del Rey with her breathy voice and pillow lips is re-releasing her album Born to Die. The “Paradise Edition” of the album is slated to release November 12th, but here’s the album trailer that features the singer staring into the camera with a glazed look in her eye. We dare you to try to make it through the preview without getting creeped out. 

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LINKLOVIN | August 22

Grimes Releases New Music Video, Hipsters Start Wearing Metal Bikinis and Accessorize with Snakes

If you haven’t heard of the etherial indie star Grimes yet, then you’re about to be really confused. The new wavy grungy and most the time grimy drug pixie just dropped her latest video “Genesis” off her album and its’… interesting. We spent 5 and a half minutes watching the singer cruise around the desert in an Escalade with her off-beat friends so you don’t have to. Flip through our play-by-play after the jump. 

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BACKSTAGE | August 5

Bun B’s New Album Receives Perfect Rating In The Source

Bun B’s New Album Receives Perfect Rating In The SourceBun B’s new album Trill OG has done something that no album has done in years and that is receive five mics (a perfect rating) in Hip Hop magazine The Source. Bun B recently commented on his album receiving five mics in The Source in a statement released this week. “When I started rapping, the highest honor a real MC could aspire to was the coveted 5 mics from Source Magazine… it is with great honor and admiration that I humbly accept this esteemed declaration from the Source Magazine and it’s staff for my album Trill OG, and for those that feel they need to shit on me to argue for another artist or album, don’t worry,” said Bun B in a statement, reports “The Trill OG can take it! UGK for life!”
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