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CULTURE CLUB | October 25

10 Songs For a Fierce Fashion Fall Playlist

With so many toe-tapping songs coming out as of late, our iPod playlists are stocked with the newest fresh tunes. And everyone knows that feeling when you hear a good song and can’t help but feel happy and confident. We’ve picked our top 10 favorite songs of the moment to put a smile on that face and turn your daily sidewalk commute in to a runway strut.

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Videography: Whitney Houston

Though she ‘s now belting in that great sold out concert hall in the sky, Whitney Houston left behind a catalog of classic tunes that redefined what it means to sang. Visually, her model good looks were a hit with the MTV crowd and as a result Whitney was a huge crossover success — picking up the torch passed to her by godmother and Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Throughout the 90s Whitney made a series of comebacks, effectively earning her diva stripes and also some of the biggest hits of her career. Her output was more erratic in the 00s, but she at least had one last hit with the Alicia Keys-penned “Million Dollar Bill.” While we may mourn Whitney Houston’s untimely death,  we’ll continue to dance, emphatically point and lip-sync for our lives to her timeless music. 

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Alexander Wang Lawsuit Now 9X Worse, Brandy and Monica Blow Up A Car and Debbie Harry Mistaken for Lindsay Lohan

- The sweatshop lawsuit against Alexander Wang is now in the amount of $450 million with an additional 30 workers added to the case. The company, however, denies any wrongdoing and vowed to “vehemently defend any allegations to the contrary.”[WWD, sub req'd]

- Yves Saint Laurent is set to confirm on Wednesday what everyone’s already known for some time now, that is, that Hedi Slimane will take over Stefano Pilati‘s recenlty vacated creative director role. [NYT]

- The video for Brandy and Monica‘s new single finally descended from the heavens, “It All Belongs to Me”, or as I like to call it, “Fierce, Sassy Bitches Blowin’ Shit Up.” [Perez Hilton]

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Adele Makes a Clean Sweep at the 2012 Grammys

Vogue cover girl Adele wore a simple Armani Privé gown to the 2012 Grammy Awards last night, but paired the frock with an armful of blingtastic trophies. The British songstress swept the competition, taking home all six awards for which she was nominated, including Album of the Year for 21 and Record of the Year for “Rolling in the Deep.” She is only the second female to win six Grammys in one night, the first — of course — being Beyoncé in 2010. Ms. Adkins also debuted the return of her voice after vocal surgery by belting out “in the Deep.” Though this was undeniably Adele’s night, the untimely passing of Whitney Houston cast a large shadow over the show with Jennifer Hudson bringing down the house in a stirring rendition of “I Will Always Love You”

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In Love And Good Fashion: An Interview With Accessories Designer Seville Michelle

New York City born and raised accessories designer Seville Michelle Anastos is all about having ideas and making them into a reality. “When you say you’re going to do things, just do it,” advice from Seville Michelle herself. From full-time stylist to the most requested accessories designer at Patricia Field after only having been in business for a little over two years,  you can find her work in over 40 shops and online market places all over the world. Anastos’ accessories have been published in Essence magazine, Gotham magazine, Vice magazine, Glamour, Vibe, Redbook, etc. Her designs have been worn by Kreayshawn to Nicki Minaj,  Today living by the Seville Michelle Anastos motto “Good Taste Must Be Shared” we present a more one on one level with Seville Michelle and details on her line.

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FASHIONVILLE | November 14

Dazed & Confused Taps Icons and Their Rising Stars for 20th Anniversary

In celebration of Dazed & Confused‘s 20th anniversary, co-founder and photographer Rankin has shot 20 covers for the December issue with new portraits of iconic cover stars and their picks for up-and-coming talent. The mag’s online home, Dazed Digital reveals the first four covers today, featuring Kate Moss, Pharrell Williams, Eva Green and Chloë Sevigny, paired with their respective rising stars — Josephine de la Baume, Maxine Ashley, Jordan Scott and Lizzie Bougatsos.

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Would You Pay $71,600 to Dine With Wintour, Weinstein & Obama?

Does it really matter, because chances are you weren’t invited to the intimate dinner thrown by Anna Wintour and Harvey Weinstein as a fundraiser for the Obama campaign. But if you’re one of the lucky holding a summons and spare $71,600, you’ll be in the fine company of big guns like Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Tory Burch and Alicia Keys. According to Page Six, the dinner is tentatively scheduled for next week, so start kissing ass now.

Would You Pay $71,600 to Dine With Wintour, Weinstein & Obama?

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CULTURE CLUB | December 2

The Grammy Nominations Are Out…Whoopty F-ing Doo

Well, Katy Perry‘s nominated for album of the year. I realized there was no god last year when Taylor Swift won that alleged honor. Now I’m convinced that not only is there no god, but that the Grammys are actually the devil. If you care, there’s a list of nominees after the jump.


The Grammy Nominations Are Out...Whoopty F ing Doo

Praying to the Grammy Devil already, Katy? Trash.

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Daphne Guinness Is Fighting AIDS The Right Way

Obviously you know I’m exaggerating but for once all the right group of people have grouped together for a good cause fighting aids and doing probably what’s the hardest thing for anyone in our generation today to accomplish, taking a mental health day off social media adventuring!

Daphne Guinness Is Fighting AIDS The Right Way

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Polish Off Any Day Or Nighttime Look With These 9 Stunning Earrings

Link Love:Polish Off Any Day Or Nighttime Look With These 9 Stunning Earrings

Polish Off Any Day Or Nighttime Look With These 9 Stunning EarringsPolish Off Any Day Or Nighttime Look With These 9 Stunning Earrings

For those of us with pierced ears, we know how important earrings are to every outfit. Whether it’s dangling earrings for a strapless dress or feminine studs for a blazer, earrings are a necessity. And nowadays, they don’t even need to match other jewelry. Try these Juicy Couture Cubic Zirconia Princes Studs ($48) for an updated version of the classic diamond earrings.  Then shop our 9 favorite earrings and make sure you’re ready to go – from ear to toe.

Check out more jewelry staples, like our guides to the best bracelets and the best cheap jewelry. Sign up for SHEFinds to receive exclusive fashion updates.

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Exclusive: New York to Romania – Adriana Marie Quaranto designer story

Exclusive: New York to Romania   Adriana Marie Quaranto designer story
How does it feel to be designer in the U.S.? How is to work with famous fashion houses? What is fashionable in America? How do you start a fashion line from scratch in New York? What an American designer knows about Romania? What message is for you? You will find answers to these questions by making the acquaintance of a wonderful designer from New York!

I am very passionate about fashion and admit that I’m not impressed after many things that build the industry but I appreciate what it seems to be something very rare in Romania – designers down to earth, concerning fashion as a lifestyle, love it and like to talk about it at any time. I don’t see that in the eyes of many local designers but I admit that I was more than impressed with the way of thinking of some of them. Maybe those who have “tasted” many cultures and they smile when they see an passionate person. That’s the way Adriana Marie Quaranto is. An American designer who made me smile when I read every response to my questions and that certainly will impress you, too!

Nicoleta Bujor: What do you want to express with your collection?

Exclusive: New York to Romania   Adriana Marie Quaranto designer storyAdriana Marie Quaranto: I want to express with my collection the simplicity and inspiration of positive thoughts and how once you change your thoughts, you change the results of your life. We become what we contemplate whether it is good for us or bad for us and I think it is important that people understand

N.B: You had the courage to go to New York and try your luck. How was born this idea?

Adriana Marie Quaranto:
Well, I wanted to be a designer since I was 20, but different life circumstances came my way and my dream was put on hold for a few years. But the moment I saw my opportunity to follow my long time dream, I
took it. When I moved to New York it was actually very spur of the moment. I bought my one way ticket just a couple days before I left. I sold everything I had, broke my lease and packed my clothes and shoes. It was an easy decision because New York has always been the fashion capitol of the world and I knew I needed to plant myself where I wanted to bloom.

N.B: What fashion houses have worked and what things you learned from each?

Adriana Marie Quaranto:
I first worked for a swimwear company called Lila Nikole. I learned an incredible amount there. I am still close friends with the designer to this day. She was definitely a huge inspiration because she was, and still is, doing everything by herself. She sources the fabric, makes the bathing suits, ships them, runs her website, puts on fashion shows, gets magazine editorials, has celebrity endorsements… the list goes on. So when I saw that she was doing this and was successful, I said to myself, my dreams and goals really are possible. It does take a ton of work and all my time. But it is worth every second and I’m so happy she gave the experiences I was exposed to.

I also worked for
Christian Francis Roth which is a cross between contemporary street wear and young Missy. I got to see secret showrooms all around the city and really get a feel for how garments are made. I got to see all of the processes of the business from conception to production which was very rare because most fashion houses outsource everything.

I also
worked for Tory Burch. What a spectacular work environment. The aesthetic was cheerful and stimulating. I really enjoyed working there. The majority of employees were younger maybe late 20′s to late
30′s and every knew their craft and worked hard. It was very inspiring.

work for another fashion house, currently, but the name will remain confidential. I love working here because it’s such an mature company but so new at the same time. So it’s great being part of a new concept and fresh ideas with the structure and vision already pinned down. It’s the best of both worlds.

N.B: How did you manage to get to work with such fashion houses?

Adriana Marie Quaranto:
Wow, great question. Most of these were internships. I had to take a step back to take a step forward and I am glad I made that decision. I was basically working night and day just to be in the industry

Exclusive: New York to Romania   Adriana Marie Quaranto designer story

N.B: How was the Adriana Marie brand born?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: As I mentioned before, I wanted to be a designer when I was 20. But
what really created the idea for the Adriana Marie Brand was my
background on positive thinking, motivation and inspiration. I grew up around this and learned at an early age that our thoughts become our reality. I felt that our society needed to get a dose of this. In school they don’t teach you the fundamentals of life and personal development rather you learn information. But in those early years of grade school, it is fundamental to teach positive personal development and growth. I felt that I had so much to give back to society which was
positive and rich so I combined that with my passion for fashion and created the brand.

N.B: When did you meet first the success with your own brand?

Adriana Marie Quaranto:
I would say that every day I get to touch people’s lives in a positive
way is a success. Every day I am striving to build the name and image of the brand so it’s always a work in progress. A good friend of mine once asked a very important question. She said, “Adriana, how do you measure success”? I said, “By how many lives I touch and by how many people can relate to the message of Adriana Marie and make their life happier because of it. I put my life into this. My heart, sweat and soul are inside each seam, each label and each design.

N.B: How do you get your ideas?

Adriana Marie Quaranto:
My ideas come from my family. They are the ones that have taught me to think for myself, value my beliefs, stand up for what I believe, inspire myself, never give up, continuously be the best person I can be, create my own reality with positive thoughts, and to have faith and hope in something bigger than me. I get most of my quotes from my mom and some of them from my dad and my sister collaborates and brainstorms with me on photo shoots and styling.

N.B: What is your style statement? Define it!

Adriana Marie Quaranto:
My personal style is boho-chic mixed with refined uptown girl. I don’t really have a pin pointed style. I dress differently all the time with many styles. So one day I might be all business and the next day I have on my Adriana Marie tee with a blazer, boyfriend jeans, heels and a scarf. It really just depends on my mood. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

N.B: Your words are read
by all readers of, they may find themselves among dreamers
like you. What advice would you give to become a designer in New York?

Adriana Marie Quaranto:
Never give up, keep pushing, stay focused, be passionate about it but also make some time for yourself. 90% of people who fail aren’t defeated, they simply quit. No one is going to make it easy for you. I have been blessed by making connections but not too many people are willing to help. So you have to be ready and determined enough to find the answers on your own.

N.B: Describe yourself in few words!

Adriana Marie Quaranto: Compassionate, Determined, Ambitious, Caring, Emotional, Loving

N.B: What is your biggest dream in fashion?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: My biggest dream is the one I am creating right now! The Adriana Marie Brand will be a household name. We will have licensing for everything from shoes, accessories, cosmetics, bags, men’s, home and more. That is the vision.

N.B: What do you know about Romania?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: is located there! What else is there to know?? Exclusive: New York to Romania   Adriana Marie Quaranto designer story

N.B: If you recommend us a t-shirt, what would it be? What message would fit?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: Looking for my Goddess Moment!

N.B: Where can I find t-shirts designed by you?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: Right now we are in the process of constructing a new website but as of now people can go to and send us a message or they can go to the Face Book Fan Page: Adriana Marie Fan Page. They can also follow us on Twitter for more information: AdrianaMarieNYC

N.B: What celebrity would receive from you the title of best dressed women, a real muse?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: Jennifer Lopez would be my first choice. I have always been a fan and I really respect her drive, dedication, and quest for love. Her natural beauty is the essence of our Brand. Being and feeling beautiful naturally and being comfortable in your own skin. Another would be Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, and Reese Witherspoon.

N.B: What are your favorite designers?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. For reasons other than him as a designer. For reasons as him as a person. He is truly a divine man. I would love to meet him and pick his brain and talk about life and love over a cup of tea in France.

I also admire Ralph Lauren for his journey in the
industry. He started off making and selling men’s ties and today he has an empire. This is where Adriana Marie is headed.

N.B: What are the must-have outfits in New York? What carries the most?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: Anything
black. It is always changing but here are the basics… Layers are
great. Goose down coat for winter and rain boots for spring. Shorts and tee shirts for summer with sandals. Sweaters and leggings for fall.

N.B: Do you want to do something else besides t-shirts?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: I want to create a Brand.
Which means, household items, cosmetics, shoes, bags, men’s clothing, children’s clothing and accessories. I want the name Adriana Marie on everything.

N.B: Might you get involved in other projects outside your own fashion brand?

Adriana Marie Quaranto:
Yes absolutely. I am already involved in much more than just my brand. I also am helping create a non profit organization that helps women of Haiti that are victims of domestic abuse, colonialism, industrialism, and natural disaster. We make garments and hold shows to create awareness. All the proceeds of the hand made garments go to the foundation in Haiti.

I have always been involved in charity
events. I run races in support and I even volunteer at dog shelters from time to time. I am a huge believer in giving back to society. That is the basis for the Brand itself.

N.B: Your advice for reader?

Adriana Marie Quaranto: Show
as much support for Adriana Marie! Always believe in yourself, even when it seems no one else does. Sometimes following your dreams can be a lonely road but in the journey you find comfort in honoring yourself and in time, you will have the people around you that believe in you, and always did.

Story in Romanian:

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