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FASHION, MODEL LUST / October 13 2011 7:19 PM

10 Models that Bend Gender Best

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Whoa man. Man, wow. Sex is fusing together. Girls can be boys, boys can be girls, especially when they’re better as the opposite. Seriously, Andrej Pejic makes a prettier lady than most. He may be the buzziest wo-man right now, but many madam-sir models are making waves. Our favorite androgynes are wise; they are chameleons that werq their genetics out of any gender box. See our top 10 and glimpse into their mentality for a moment’s time.


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FASHION / October 9 2011 4:39 PM

4 Trends that Spring Forward

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Fashion Week has spread its Spring seed. The Big 4; NY, London, Milan and Paris have offically had their say, and now we can reflect. (We’re certainly not reflecting on NJ Fashion Week. Wait, what? That exists?! No, no. Well, yes. But really, no.) We’ve collected the trends that have spoken. The four trends that dominated the four cities we trust with our fashionable senses called out to us from many a runway. We’ve taken our favorite from each city, each trend that matters. See what’s abuzz here, there and everywhere for Spring 2012.

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FASHION / September 7 2011 9:31 AM

5 Trends for Fall’s First Chill

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Later this week, Spring 2012 will permeate the interwebs, making us go googly eyed over trends we won’t fully appreciate for another six months. Meanwhile, I stepped outside today to the first NY chill of the season. So before I get Spring Fever over New York Fashion Week, let’s chat about the looks we’ve been lusting over for Fall that we finally get to put to werq.

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