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FOR THE BOYS | June 20

7 Best Online Men’s Stores for the Anti-Bro

These stores are for the individual guy – those well beyond the realm of polos, boring button-ups and corporate ties. These stores host prints, smart graphics, sharp fit, and the independent designers that are rethinking menswear. Because you’re a dude, and you take pride in how you look. And we’re so grateful you do. 

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Paris Fashion Week Packs in the Trends & Carries Them For You

And the French get the final say. Paris Fashion Week has drawn to a close and we’ve sifted the runways for the trends that will affect your wardrobe come September, or sooner. Designers have squared offwhited out, and swept their competition. Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs were on some similar wavelengths for the new silhouette of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Ann Demeulemeester and Gareth Pugh finally got coordinating dragon tattoos. Meanwhile, the leg bomber strikes again and we’re still highlighting the hot outline. Now, follow the bell hop to the trends of Fall 2012. 

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10 Menswear Looks That’ll Have You Tripping Balls

Fashion is a trip. But some fashion is trippier than others. It’s those distinct looks in a collection that make your eyes pop a little wider as they expand your consciousness to accept grander philosophies of the universe. This season was rife with designers experimenting with wild menswear, and we’re glad to see the rougher sex getting freaky with the Avant Garde.

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Designer Daily: Walter Van Beirendonck

If you’ve ever been inside of Walter Van Bierendonck‘s Paris studio, you may be more equipped to make sense of his Fall 2012 collection titled “Lust Never Sleeps”. If you haven’t stood witness to his collection of banners with anime versions of himself riding on rainbows, mushrooms and male nether-regions, nor his future final resting grounds of a cartoon sarcophagus and his ode to all the boys, drugs and fashion a.k.a. things he loves, this trompe-l’oeil culture clashing runway journey may blow your mind.

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