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GIRLS, Mens, RANDOM COOL SHIT / July 22 2009 5:18 PM

THE TEN: Best Denim Brands

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Here’s our running list of denim brands that we love, based on quality, fit, wash variety, and overall fashion-ness:

Picture 2

1. Naked and Famous- Rare and unique fabrics from Japan, high quality and satire play on our celebrity obsessed culture. Win.

Picture 32. April 77- Known for their attitude and underground influence, not wallet-breaking price. Made in France.

Picture 4

3. Cheap Monday- Tons of crazy prints and colored washes. Made in Sweden.

Picture 5

4. Replay-Great skinny and ‘boyfriend’ style, in a bunch of interesting washes. Made in Italy.

Picture 13

5. Acne- A ton of variety in mens’ fits, and repeat winner of ‘Designer of the Year’ by Swedish Elle.  Made in Sweden.

Picture 146. K(T)subi- Formerly Tsubi, currently Ksubi, this brand invented themselves based on fit, and has continued to outfit surfers in super, super jeans ever since. Made in Australia.

Picture 15

7. Nudie- Made from the best Italian, Turkish, American, and Japanese qualities using the best techniques. Made in Italy, with the only con being they don’t have a women’s line (yet?).

Picture 16

8. Diesel- I know people that swear by Diesel, mostly skinny guys who can never find sizes small enough for their 26 inch waists and still long enough for their 6’0 tall frames.  Diesel has always been known for their high-quality and long lasting denim. I may be impartial because I love everything Diesel makes, not just their jeans. Made in Italy.

Picture 17

9. Levis- After coming out with the 510 and 511, Levis seemed to have redeemed themselves as every hipster and musician’s best friend. Made in the US!

Picture 18

10. G Star- ‘Raw’ denim. Prides themselves in being about nothing more than the product itself, keeping it fashionable and well-fit. Made in the Netherlands.

Think we missed any?  Do you have one ‘go-to’ brand for jeans?

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GIRLS, Mens, RANDOM COOL SHIT / July 22 2009 2:32 PM

LAST NIGHT’S (OTHER) PARTY: April 77 At Jane Hotel

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LAST NIGHTS (OTHER) PARTY: April 77 At Jane Hotel

It looks to me like the coolest party in town, second to Fashion Indie’s “For The Love of Marc” shindig, of course, was clothing and record label, April 77‘s,  party at The Jane Hotel. With an appearance by the ever amazing Kate Lanphear, style director at Elle, and Fashion Indie’s own Desarae McCaffrey (that’s her, above right!)  landing a spot on Refinery 29, I’d say the bash, in all its fashionable downtown glory, was a total success! Wish I could have made it! 



Thanks Refinery 29!

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