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Older stories
FASHION / July 5 2012 3:34 PM

Haute and Bothered: Fall 2012 Couture’s Most Gaspworthy Collections

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‘Twas a lovely haute couture season, wasn’t it? And ’twas an eventful one at that — what with Raf Simons making his debut as Dior‘s new couturier, Donatella Versace staging her first proper couture show in almost a decade and Maison Martin Margiela showing its first ever couture collection. In between those memorable moments were a number of gorgeous creations that left audiences clutching their collective pearls. It’s always sad to see a good couture season end so let’s relive the haute highlights with the 10 Most Gaspworthy Collections. In case of hyperventilation, have your Chanel Choupette bag at the ready.

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EDITORIALS, FASHION / March 19 2012 2:34 PM

Kate Moss Revisits Johnny Depp Love Getaway in Vogue

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Kate Moss has a history with the Ritz as deep and glamorous as her recent ritzy shoot for Vogue. “When I was with Johnny Depp, he always stayed there. I had an apartment in Paris at the time, but he said, ‘No, we’re staying at the Ritz,’ so he came by and swept me up to the Ritz—he didn’t want to slum it in my apartment!” Dressed by handmaidens in Giambattista Valli, Armani Privé, Dior Haute Couture, and custom Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquière to tickle your fancy, it’s hard to resist Mrs. Moss, dripping in glamour and Chanel. 

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CULTURE, MUSIC, NEWS / February 13 2012 8:02 AM

Adele Makes a Clean Sweep at the 2012 Grammys

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Vogue cover girl Adele wore a simple Armani Privé gown to the 2012 Grammy Awards last night, but paired the frock with an armful of blingtastic trophies. The British songstress swept the competition, taking home all six awards for which she was nominated, including Album of the Year for 21 and Record of the Year for “Rolling in the Deep.” She is only the second female to win six Grammys in one night, the first — of course — being Beyoncé in 2010. Ms. Adkins also debuted the return of her voice after vocal surgery by belting out “in the Deep.” Though this was undeniably Adele’s night, the untimely passing of Whitney Houston cast a large shadow over the show with Jennifer Hudson bringing down the house in a stirring rendition of “I Will Always Love You”

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FASHION / January 31 2012 11:45 AM

The 10 Most (and Least) Oscar-Worthy Gowns from Haute Couture Fashion Week

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As many a starlet is aware, looks don’t always translate well from the runway to the red carpet. Nowhere is this more true than in haute couture. Sure, this gown costs $35,000, was constructed by a team of half-blind old ladies whose skills are so specialized they can be classified as endangered species and contains actual diamonds, but Joan Rivers still thinks you look like a refugee from some drag queen concentration camp. No, events like the Oscars require a little discretion and the simpler you keep it, the better. Of course, there are exceptions, but not every actress is a Charlize Theron, a Cate Blanchett, a Nicole Kidman or a Tilda Swinton — risk-takers who can pull off haute couture with the greatest of ease. For the rest of ‘em, here are 10 safe gowns sure to please along with 10 only the brave of soul and intrepid of style should even consider.

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