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LINKLOVIN | December 10

Rihanna Is Naked On Insta, Beyonce Blogs About #ArtBasel, and @FreePeople Gets Sexified

Annie Leibovitz’s house is up for sale for only 33 million. [Fashionologie]

Beyonce hits up the Art Basel with her mom, and then blogs about it. [I.Am.Beyonce]

In other Beyonce news, Pepsi just paid Queen B $50 million to be their next spokesperson, which includes a performance at next year’s Super Bowl. [Faded Youth Blog]

RiRi posed almost nude on Instagram. And that’s why we love social media. [Instagram]

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6 Miami Bloggers Who Know How to Party Including @RiaMichelle & @NanysKlozet

Art Basel officially starts tomorrow and I thought it would make sense to introduce you to a few amazing Miami influencers who are taking the city by storm. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and befriending so many lovely ladies (and sometimes gents) during my travels.

A few months back, we landed in Miami for a project with the Bal Harbour Shops.  We were introduced to Miami’s digital finest during a brunch held at the Soho Beach House, and we’ve come to know each of these amazing bloggers individually through multiple exchanges. In no particular order, here’s a list of some of the best Miami bloggers to know.

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CULTURE CLUB | December 5

Welcome to Paradise with @VanityFair, Beca Takes on #ArtBasel

Tonight, I headed out for a night in Miami worthy of a good outfit. First stop, the Belvedere(Red) Vanity Fair party hosted at the MOCA. During the party, North Miami saw its fair share of flashing lights and well dressed fems in heels, who desperately tried not to fall on their asses in the grassy backyard of the museum after a few vodka cocktails.

The event celebrated an exhibition by video artist Bill Viola, who is known for creating installations that explore some heavy subjects like birth and death. I know I’m supposed to act like I give a shit about art, but unless it falls under the masters, fashion or pop categories, I find most of what’s considered modern to exist in an “I don’t give a fuck” category. 

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EDITOR'S LETTER | December 4

Isn’t Basel an Herb? and Other Questions from an Art Miami Newbie

If you follow us on social, you already know that we’re living it up in Miami. Not only did we come here to celebrate the taking back of Fashion Indie, we are here to attend some major industry events at Art Basel.

From Dec 6th to 9th, Miami will see its 11th edition of Basel, the most prestigious and talked about art show in the Americas. The exhibits showcase some 2000 artists, and the fashion industry has definitely taken notice, hosting parties and pop-up shops throughout the events gallery shows.

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CULTURE CLUB | December 4

Rizzoli’s Managing Editor, Anthony Petrillose, Gives Me His 8 Picks for Basel Bliss

Art Basel can be a bitch. With over 260 top galleries from around the world getting ready to “party in the city where the heat is on”, it can be a little overwhelming to say the least. We asked Anthony Petrillose, managing editor of leading art book publisher Rizzoli, to give us a few tips on navigating the largest art show in the Americas.

According to Petrillose, even while at the chicest party, most people will feel like they are “missing something else that could be bigger and better.” He suggests attending the obvious choices of the week which include “Art Basel Miami Beach at the convention center, the Design Miami pavilion, and the myriad of art fairs surrounding Art Week Miami.

Need more to do?

Then check out 8 other must-see’s provided by a guy who knows where to go.

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