A friend referred me to David Alexander’s site, and on viewing his collections I fell in love with the fur, leather, mesh, studs, jewels, and all of my favorite things compiled into one fashion show. Once I began to speak with David, I found his quirky, enthusiastic and overly creative personality absolutely thrilling, and had to share it with you.

Here’s a little anecdote that got me hooked on David straight away:

So my friend Susan calls me and says ” your gonna be so mad at me.” and as I put down my Playstation controller and jogged over to my computer I see this email and I’m like…..who is that, and she goes “Well I dunno, but she is prolly never gonna buy another skirt from you or Curve again..” and Im like omg omg did i fudge up and the skirt zipper was broke because I do pride myself on an 100% usa made quality product…”She goes well I saw her in the skirt and I freaked out and ran over and I was lil drunk and I sort of shook her cause I was in the gold one and was like OMG OMG my friend made these arent they great”….So basically if you buy my clothes in NY and a crazy beautiful woman runs over to you its my friend Susan haha I cant be mad she is just all about my designs and gives me so much support.



I was also lucky enough to hear from David on a few questions that I asked: (more…)

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Canned from Melrose Place

Ashlee Simpson Wentz Canned from Melrose Place

There are many things that bring me joy, but only only one thing that makes my Spider-sense tingle off the radar. Failed songstress/MTV Stars getting fired. Got the boot from Melrose Place. All is well in the world today.


QUEST: Who Makes More $ Jessica or Ashlee Simpson?

QUEST: Who Makes More $ Jessica or Ashlee Simpson?Random argument happening at the office right now…which Simpson sister has more money, Jess or Ashlee (without Pete)? Jessica has a successful (don’t ask me why) clothing company, but Ashlee has a music and tv career. So who makes more?

Before They Had Plastic Surgeons: Sarah Jessica Parker

Before They Had Plastic Surgeons: Sarah Jessica Parker

Nah just joking, it’s Mayim Bialik from Blossom.  Yeah, she’s still wearing those cardigans and she turns 33 today.  If there is one celebrity I’d like to see make it out of her dark period it’s her, seriously girl have you seen what they’ve done for Ashlee Simpson.

Before They Had Plastic Surgeons: Sarah Jessica Parker

From Not to Hot in Under 60 Stitches

Take a couple hours under the knife and you’re a Pussycat Doll. Just saying, it’s something to consider.

If you can’t afford it hopefully someone out there is working on Extreme Makeover: Celebrity Edition or Celebrity Swan or Dr.90210 or that Tim Gunn show or something, Jesus can someone save her, I can’t imagine her husband being happy with this…

Before They Had Plastic Surgeons: Sarah Jessica Parker

Oh wait, never mind sweetie you’re ahead of the game. Seriously, he’s not going anywhere.


I’ve never seen a family so committed to brown, it’s encouragable.

Five Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Pay For the Ashlee Simpson Baby Photos

You gave the dick

Can someone please buy these photos? We can't afford Huggies...

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have failed to find a buyer for their baby’s photos.

So Bronx Mowgli won’t be joining the annuls of celebrity spawn we actually give a fuck about. My suggestion to Ashlee is to just give this one up for adoption and try to pop out some twins with a celebrity people actually care about, maybe one of the Jonas Brothers.

Here are five reasons why no one wants photos of your bastard child, just in-case you were wondering…

1. He didn’t pop out of Angelina’s uterus.

2. The baby wasn’t born with your new nose.

3. Nobody wants to see a baby with guy liner.

4. You can’t feature Mowgli without Baloo. Disney’s rules, not our own.

5. The Economy. You can pretty much blame it for anything these days.

Finally, Simpson Pushes Out Baby!

Finally, Simpson Pushes Out Baby!

People reported that Ashlee Simpson finally gave birth to a baby boy. His name…you better sit down…Bronx Mowgli Wentz.

So apparently it’s cool to name kids after boroughs and Disney characters, got it. Think I’m gonna name my child Queens Dumbo…

This is Why Celebrities Shouldn’t Design

Here are a selection of actresses deisgned shoes for the annual Stuart Weitzman Auction. I know this for auction, but there is some serious ugly going on here. This is why these ladies have stylists, they have no sense of fashion. Another reason why celebrities shouldn’t design.

Blake Lively

This is Why Celebrities Shouldnt Design

Ashlee Simpson

This is Why Celebrities Shouldnt Design

Jada Pinkett Smith

This is Why Celebrities Shouldnt Design

Jessica Alba

This is Why Celebrities Shouldnt Design


Before They Had Stylists: Ashlee Simpson


Before They Had Stylists: Ashlee Simpson


Before They Had Stylists: Ashlee Simpson

Besides the obvious nose job, I think that Ashlee Simpson’s stylist has done a good job keeping Ashlee not looking like a trashy teenage metal kid. The only problem I have with the nose job is that she looks way too much like an Olsen twin. I mean there is nothing flattering about the pose she is in above. It looks like she’s popping a squat in a parking lot or something. It’s unfortunate that her husband will be a no one in a few years and we won’t hear about Ashlee anymore. Oh and if Pete convinces her to name her child something she better go all out and name it Foot or something.

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