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BEAUTY, FASHION / June 10 2011 6:16 AM

Tom Ford’s Youthful Sissy Shenanigans Once Landed Him in the Emergency Room

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Every little gay boy obsessed with fashion, beauty and glamour inevitably attempts to bring those elements into her everyday life.  Whether she tries on her mother’s heels to catwalk down the hallway when no one’s home; vamp like Bette Davis in All About Eve with a faux cocktail and faux cigarette — soda and licorice are great substitutes — in her limp, little gay hands; or like a 14-year-old Tom Ford, don cucumber slices over her eyes to, as Ford puts it, “camouflage the bags.” Unfortunately, Tom was unaware that his eyes were allergic to said cucumbers and ended up in the emergency room with his eyes swelled shut.

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CELEBRITY, FASHION / April 5 2011 11:19 AM

Tyra and ALT Discuss the Little Black D-D-D-Dress for Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion

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My new favorite show of all time — in all its 4 minute glory — is Tyra and André Leon Talley‘s Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion, a monthly exploration of wardrobe staples set to the crazy beat of Ty-Ty’s own special drum. For this, their second installment, Mama and Baby Bear, as I like to call ALT and Tyra (respectively) deconstruct the LBD, or Little Black Dress.

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CULTURE / December 30 2010 11:21 AM

10 Stylish Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

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I have never been one to have discerning taste when booze is involved. Lacking real liquor, I’ve been known to contemplate drinking mouthwash and/or rubbing alcohol just to get ma fix. But this year, I’m feeling all sophisticated-like and so I’ve compiled a list of libations that will at least make you feel classy, even as you’re dry heaving over a toilet at 12:01 come January 1st as your BFF holds back your hair…but not their judgement.

10 Stylish Cocktails for New Years Eve

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