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Where There’s Le Smoking, There’s Bound to Be Fire

To kick off June, our month dedicated to “Men,” let’s take a look back at that classic menswear staple, the tuxedo, given a feminine touch by Yves Saint Laurent some five decades ago: Along with the bikini, the wrap-dress and the tranny heel, Le Smoking is the greatest sartorial invention of the past 50 years.

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You Can Lead a Horse to Halston, but You Can’t Make Her a Hit: The SJP Story

How do you solve a problem like Halston? Once the de rigeur designer of the haute fabulous set — Bianca Jagger, Liza Minnelli, Jackie Kennedy, Babe Paley, Lauren Hutton, Liz Taylor; we’re talking Glamour here — the company faltered in the early 80s with the ousting of Roy Halston. Roy, too high on caviar wishes and cocaine dreams, had sold equity in his company in 1973 and was fired in 1984 only to die of AIDS-related complications in 1990. Numerous attempts to revive the brand faltered over the last two decades with the latest manicured finger of blame being pointed dramatically at Carrie Bradshaw.

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Harvey Weinstein and SJP Break from Halston

Don’t worry, Halston, I wish it was the 70s too. Me, you, Diana Ross, Liza Minnelli, Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger blowin’ rails off Elton John at 54 to Donna Summers‘ “I Feel Love,” everyone in a psychadelic caftan or beige pantsuit of your making. Fast forward 40 years — has it been that long?! — and you’re a struggling label unable to find your footing after the death of your visionary founder Roy Halston. And now, not only has Carrie Bradshaw trotted away as your president, but that guy who’s banging Marchesa left too. What to do now? (P.S. I’ve got a coke spoon and Liza on speed dial — coincidentally, the two are related.)

Harvey Weinstein and SJP Break from Halston

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Tom Ford’s Youthful Sissy Shenanigans Once Landed Him in the Emergency Room

Every little gay boy obsessed with fashion, beauty and glamour inevitably attempts to bring those elements into her everyday life.  Whether she tries on her mother’s heels to catwalk down the hallway when no one’s home; vamp like Bette Davis in All About Eve with a faux cocktail and faux cigarette — soda and licorice are great substitutes — in her limp, little gay hands; or like a 14-year-old Tom Ford, don cucumber slices over her eyes to, as Ford puts it, “camouflage the bags.” Unfortunately, Tom was unaware that his eyes were allergic to said cucumbers and ended up in the emergency room with his eyes swelled shut.

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Dressing Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses

It’s not easy being a goddess, but the first step in reaching those divine heights is looking the part. Now that Charlie Sheen‘s goddesses — a porn star and a marijuana cover girl (the criteria for goddessing these days are noticeably lax) — have been THRUST into the spotlight, it’s makeover time! After all, they’re representing Charlie Fucking Sheen here. And he deserves only the best. So here are 10 goddess-worthy gowns fresh off the runway, sure to keep the Sheen Machine running on all four cylinders.

Dressing Charlie Sheens Goddesses

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